Newest Candle Lantern/Matching Business Card Holder

My girlfriend's daughter, Sarah, is a nationally certified Master Colorist and stylist at her own salon in Gainesville, FL., Taylor'd to You @ Skin Solutions Spa at 912 NW 57th St. Suite A

I just delivered to her a very belated salon-warming gift in the form of a Candle Lantern and matching business/appointment card holder. This came with two different candle sets, one is a large 6" x 10" white e-candle with remote control and a set of three smaller diameter tiered pillars that fit nicely inside the lantern and can change colors with their remote. 

The glass was a custom ordered bulls-eye glass in ivory with blue tones through the middle. Corners were bookend matched and some amber and floral additions rounded out the pieces nicely. They looked great in her salon when we left them with Sarah!

Enjoy, Sis! Love you!

If you happen to be in the area...