Monday Morning Skills Challenge Explained

As an artist, I think it's important to follow your heart and create to your heart's content...right?

Yes, but I also think that an artist has to consider marketability of his, or her, creations. If there is not a goal to generate revenue at any level, it makes no difference. However, if there is that silly darn goal of revenue generation, at any level, then I think it's important for the artist to consider the wants and needs of the available consuming public.

To that end, I have been thinking a lot about direction, and product direction, for myself and for Thistle Dew Art Studios, and sometimes, you can over-think it. That's where the "skills" challenge of a business card holder comes in. And, sometimes, it takes a friend to tell you some hard the fact that there are a lot of folks, very talented folks, creating art from glass.

So, I would invite you on a journey with me as I explore some alternatives to your more standard glass fare, which includes dimensional work like boxes (business card holders, jewelry, keepsake, etc.). There are some 3D pictorial opportunities and even some chances to maybe make some music, too...

Either should be fun! I have to admit that I've been a bit of an explorer most of my life and I think when I stop wanting to explore it will be time to put me away in a quiet place where I won't get in anyone's way. 

Thanks! Enjoy! Peace, D

David Morris