Sunset Stained Glass Jewelry Box

Lid construction and the finished box...

Payne's Prairie Sunset

Payne's Prairie Sunset

Anyone who has been to NW Central Florida for any time at all will know how rich and vibrant our sunsets are. (Please see above) Those sunsets are the inspiration for this box which measures 8" x 10" x 1.25". This box is hand finished with a copper patina solution, giving it a nice rich glow to it's metallics. The lid has a scalloped edge trim, a thumb catch, and a wire detail for the sun. The box comes with a five-compartment jewelry tray (black velvet finish) installed and a nicely demure chain. The bottom is felted and the four rubber feet give the box an appearance of hovering just off the surface of where it sits. 

Thanks! Enjoy!

Peace, Dave

David Morris