The Sound of Glass

Tinkly? Tinkle-y? I'm not sure of the spelling but I do like the sound of glass chimes. It's kind of captivating. I remember the first time I ever heard them and I couldn't have been more than eight or nine years old and a neighbor had some hanging that were painted in an Aisan motif and each chime had floral decorations on them, Those chimes have stuck with me for years and I'd have a hard time telling you what I had for breakfast yesterday, Go figure, right? I'd describe the sound as sweet, clear, and pure...not as much resonance as you'd get with metal chimes but I think that's where the purity of the note comes from.

All things have a breaking point and so does glass. However, you'd be surprised how hardy glass chimes can be, even in a fairly stiff breeze. Caution should be exercised to have them hung where they wont bash against anything except themselves.

These chimes feature a black patina finished zinc frame featuring a light amber ridged glass and an iridescent sky blue glass. The lanyard supports are hand wired in one piece and the chimes are ground to avoid any sharp edges; with three dark amber chimes and three sky blue chimes. Your chimes come ready to hang with a soldered ornamental chain finishing out the piece at the top.

Thanks! Enjoy!

Peace, Dave

David Morris