Botanicals at Thistle Dew Art Studios

There's a lot of detail work in stained glass and mosaics and they can be tough on this pair of 60-something-year-old eyes. There's three or four pair of readers laying about and I'll take eye breaks often, or, as needed. 

One of the distractions I give my eyes is tending to/taking in some of the greenery that surrounds the studio. We've got some baby Bonsais just starting their journey and a Jade plant clinic that originates from my grandmother's root stock. There are some red and white caladiums waiting for it to get just a little bit warmer, some basil(s) just planted and some rosemary and garlic chive standing by.

Green thumb? Nah...not really, but I do have more stuff alive than dead and that's a positive thing, right?

Thanks! Enjoy!

Peace, Dave

David Morris