A Crazy Start to the Week (Turkey Time)

So, this Monday morning, just a little after 9:00, I pulled up at the front of my studio and the cement pad that is my "front porch". Just leaving the area, immediately upon my arrival, was a big (20-25 pounder) Tom Turkey, resplendent in his spring colors and doing a hasty exit, stage right. I watched him go and smiled at his harried exit as he did not have a thing to worry about with me.

How does it go? A frown is a smile truned upside down? When I got out of my car, that's what happened to my smile as I saw the mess this big guy had made of my sliding door and surrounding grounds...

It seems that these poor birds have somewhat of a reputation...you'll often hear comments about them not being the sharpest tools in the tool-box...a little slow on the take, silly enough to drown themselves in a rainstorm by looking up and trying to drink...and, apparently, not real good at figuring out that it's just a mirrored reflection...it seems that my new friend Tom thought he had a rival and he wasn't leaving until he took care of it because there can only be one Tom on the roost. (OMG)

I went around to the side that he exited...didn't see him, went around the corner to the South side of the building and there he was. "Hey!", I yell at him and he takes off into the woods. Silly thing.


About 45 minutes later, I was stretching some lead channel (came) for a project and I'll be damned if he didn't walk back up to the sliding door again. Only this time, I stepped into his field of vision, blocking the reflection, and I thought he was going to turn himself inside out trying to get out of there.

Later this week we saw him again at our bird feeders pecking around and he was spotted walking down the driveway early one morning. Could be he has adopted us...it's a good sized spread so that's okay, as long as he doesn't think he's got a rival down by the studio.

Thanks! Enjoy!

Peace, Dave


David Morris