Proud and happy....

I really don't want to belabor the point, but I am very proud to have gotten this dream of mine to some point in reality. I now have some very real space in a very real pastoral setting, complete with cows and donkeys in the pastures, birds and wildlife all around me, and some wonderful blue and orange skies that this area is known for. There was room for a small gallery, active mosaicing along with glass projects, and woodworking space. This awesome space comes with 360 degrees of farm or forest view and a covered front deck that's about as big as the shop floor is. A really nice space...

2017 was a tough year for us with more than one setback for us that needed to be worked through. There came a point in early 2018 that the Mark Twain in me said better to go down trying it than to regret never trying it at all. Juggling other priorities and unsure as to whether we were going to stay on the farm or not, I decided to try to get the studio opened. 

Fast forward about four weeks or so and after moving a lot of glass "stuff" into the studio, I had enought to begin the sidelight piece for the sliding doors. When it was complete and installed there were a couple of deep breaths drawn: one for kind of officially ending the remodel (although it's always getting tweaked), and two for "oh,'s time to get to work.

If you are in the area, please don't hesitate to schedule an appointment to come and see us at Thistle Dew Art Studios! 



David Morris