A welcome stranger...


Late last summer during the remodel and shortly after Hurricane Irma, I was visited by this very handsome hunting dog who seemed to sense that she was in a safe place. She looked as if she had gotten caught in a muck swamp as she was covered in mud up to her withers and she looked exhausted, as if she'd been up all night, fighting her way out of trouble. After I greeted her, she walked right into my shop and curled up in the corner and begaan cleaning herself. I found a container for some water that she was not too interested in. She clearly had an agenda which started with a good cleaning, some nourishment, and some rest.

Within 30 minutes or so, she had some kibbles to eat and had cleaned off most of the mud...another 15-20 minutes of cleaning and a couple of big drinks of water and she was soon fast asleep on a big horse blanket we had laid down for her on the front deck. We saw her up to the house a couple of times and put some food out for her the next day, reluctant to bring her in to the house due to unknowns and, of course, our two four-footed hooligans...didn't need the chaos.

We put her picture up on Facebook and chatted her up as locally as we could in hopes of finding her owner. We think Blue (my name for her, her eyes were a beautiful sky blue) had the same mission as on the nmorning of the third day we think she was well rested and fed, had gotten her bearings and perhaps even a good scent, and had gone on to find her way home. She seemed real smart, mature, and competent, so I'm certain that the first official visitor to the Thistle Dew Art Studios made it home safely. I may just have to do a piece in honor of her visit...



David Morris